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Car Rental in Greece

Drive Hellas
The Easy and Quick to use website to search for your hire car in Greece and its Islands e.g. Mykonos, Lesbos, Rhodes, Kos, Paros, Corfu, etc.

Just type in the name of your pick up location (City, Port, Train Station or Airport name, address or postcode), dates and times and press “SEARCH”.

We and our partners are conveniently located in the major CITIES e.g.:-
~Kalamaria, ~Acharnes, ~Heraklion
~Piraeus, ~Thessaloniki, ~Athens.

PORTS for example:
~Thira (Santorini), ~Souda Bay (Crete), ~Mykonos, ~Paros and many more.

~Mykonos [JMK], ~Kos [KGS], ~Crete [ATH].

Select the car you desire, add any EXTRAS at STEP3. A CREDIT CARD is required, (some suppliers accept Debit Cards).
Recent Rentals Greece

Chevrolet Spark or similar

Air conditioning
Manual Transmission
x 4
x 2
x 5
€ 10.89 EUR / day
15 days in May, Crete - Airport - Chania, Greece

Volkswagen Polo or similar

Air conditioning
Manual Transmission
x 5
x 2
x 5
€ 40.79 EUR / day
8 days in June, Naxos - Airport, Greece

Fiat Panda or similar

Air conditioning
Manual Transmission
x 5
x 2
x 3
€ 42.57 EUR / day
2 days in August, Athens - Airport - Eleftherios Venizelos, Greece
No rental car company permits travel between the greek islands or mainland Greece and the islands. It is recommended that you hire a car on each island. Even if it was possible to travel between islands with a hire car, the cost would be substantial on the ferry when you take a car.

To read about cross border rules, next to each car photo, click on the link entitled "IMPORTANT INFORMATION” then "CAR" and look for "TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS". Try a few different suppliers as they can vary. Sometimes there is a cross border fee.

At STEP3 during the online booking process after choosing your car model, subject to your country of residence you may be offered extra comprehensive insurance with our insurance partner AXA.This is the most comprehensive and cost effective insurance available.

Under Important Information you can find detailed information about the security deposit, included basic insurance, drivers age, special equipment/optional extras, travel restrictions, etc.

You will need a Credit Card (sometimes a Debit Card is accepted) to hold the security deposit for the period of the rental. Check "IMPORTANT INFORMATION" then "PAYMENT".